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The Other Races

Checking my primary choices...

Gov: reluctantly Newsom

Lt. Gov: Ed Hernandez - I think he has better chops as a politician, since Kounalakis' only real role was as an ambassador. But man, now that we have the D vs. D fights, the endorsement war is crazy. Planned Parenthood endorses Ed, while NARAL endorses Eleni.

SoS: Padilla
Controller: Yee
Treasurer: Ma
AG: Becerra

Ins: Lara
BoE: Vazquez

Senator: De Leon
Rep: Bass
SS: Mitchell
Ass: Piquado

LA Times suggests voting yes to retain all of them. 

However, if you (like me) are feeling vindictive about (State) Supreme Court Justices nominated by Republicans, of the two on the ballot, Corrigan was nominated by Arnold the Governator. She wrote a concurrence and dissent on In Re: Marriage, in which she said she personally thought gay people should be able to have marriages, but she wasn't persuaded that the majority was right in thinking that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional, and that the will of the people (as enacted in laws) was clear, and the will of the people was changing and would likely make gay marriage legal in the future.
I'm not vindictive enough to check all of the Appellate Justices to see who appointed them.

4 - Sauceda
16 - Michel
60 - Hancock
113 - Perez

Schools: Thurmond
Assessor: Prang

County W
"Revenue from the tax, estimated to amount to $300 million annually, would fund the construction, operation and maintenance of projects that collect, clean and conserve storm water. The average tax for a single-family house would be $83."

Ugh. Um. Although one of the projects would be
walking distance from me, very few other projects are anywhere nearby. And out here in the county, we don't get water from DWP, so paying for DWP projects doesn't benefit me directly. ME ME ME. It's all about me. Waaaah. It doesn't even rain any more, so how are we going to collect storm water? Waaah. OK, yes.


Water Replenishment District: 
West Basin Water Whatever:
I'm tired, I'll go with the incumbents here.

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