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strange visitors

Saturday morning before the game, the neighbor's bunny was again in our backyard. We're not sure how he got in. A while back, I found a hole under the fence and filled it in, but there don't seem to be any other holes. Possibly he wandered down the alley and slipped under the gap in the gate.
Anyway, I didn't like the gleam in his eye, so Rebecca used her powers of rodent(*) persuasion to charm him with some tasty weeds growing in our yard. Then we carried him around to their house and returned him.
We now have their phone number so we can call them up and shout "Su conejo esta aqui!" over and over again until they understand.

Later that day, the Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door. Perhaps it shouldn't surprise me, but Inglewood has black JW's. I was washing dishes and saw a flock of them coming down the street -- two go to this door, two go to that door.
They actually asked me about the Cthuzuzah. I was also wearing my Cthulhu for President 2000 t-shirt at the time.
Here I had a perfect opportunity to proselytize them in the ways of the Old Ones, but I wimped out. I just mumbled something about it being something some friends made for us. They probably think I'm some sort of half-Jew half-squid hybrid.
The rest of the interview didn't go very well either:
Them: "Do you believe that the Bible is 100% accurate in scientific matters?"
Me: "Actually, no I don't."
Them: "Have you spent much time studying the matter?"
Me: "I've spent some time thinking about it, yes. But I really don't have time to talk about it now. Thank you, goodbye."
Maybe someday when I'm *not* running a live game later in the day, I'll go hardcore atheist on their asses: "Actually, I have a master's degree in physics and I have to say that it is my considered opinion that the religious fables of a particular group of Middle Eastern goatherds have very little to do with scientific matters. The Bible is not so much wrong as completely irrelevant."

As for future strange visitors, it looks like Independence Day will be pleasantly crowded. Now that the Evite reminder has hit people, another mini-flurry of RSVP's has come through, bringing the current total to 47, including a surprisingly strong showing of NDA alumnae. I don't think any of them (apart from the Creamer sisters, of course) have come to any of our other parties, but the current count is 9, including the aforementioned Creamers. It's like some freakish 'Perfect Storm' of hot hot Catholic girls. I can already imagine Brian McInnis looking around, pointing at me and saying, "You da man!"
My Dad will also be there, so it will be a good opportunity for friends, relatives and former students to trade embarrassing stories about me. Fortunately, I'll be too busy drinking, setting things on fire and making new embarrassing stories to notice.

(*) Pedantry alert: Rabbits are actually lagomorphs, not rodents.
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