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Saturday morning, Becca and I went to Body Worlds. I know I said field trip, but I hope no one minds that we snuck off. After all, it's the kind of romantic exhibit that you want to share with that someone special.
The exhibit is marvellously weird, but it's hard to keep in mind that all of these bodies and body parts are 'real'. All the fat has been dissolved away, and the water has been replaced with plastic, but the rest is real human bodies. On the whole, they don't impress me as being REAL. Which is probably a good thing. If they were really rotting hunks of meat, it would be disgusting. As it was, it was merely interesting.
Perhaps the most interesting were some of the plasticized circulatory systems. Veins and arteries that are small as fuzz are present in some of the most delicate specimens.
And with the full body specimens, they seem to try to outdo themselves with different ways of slicing and dicing the body. one of the most interesting and freakish is one where they've sort of expanded the whole body, so that it's about twice the size of an ordinary body. It's posed on a huge bicycle, and it's like some huge flayed giant on a bike.
They also have a magnificent rider on a horse.
Sadly, the gift shop didn't yet have the full complement of Body Worlds merch. No postcards at all, so Toren gets no reward for tipping me off to the exhibit.

This morning, we went for a long walk up into the oilfields of Baldwin Hills. We also found a freakishly underused park up there with lovely soccer and baseball fields and virtually no one there. It was like finding Shangri-La among the chapparal.

Seen some decent movies recently:

Wages of Fear: I was worried when the word existentialism appeared in the Netflix blurb, but on the whole I really enjoyed it, particularly the beginning, which takes place in some unnamed town in South America that attracts various European bums. The locals speak Spanish, and others are speaking French, German, Italian and English. Very cosmopolitan bums. A little slow at times, but worthwhile.

Day of the Jackal: Really wellmade thriller from the early 70's. I believe it was remade with Bruce Willis. The camera switches from following the assassin to following the police, adding to the tension. There are also some clever strategems on the part of the assassin.

Bubba Hotep: For something with a budget under a million, it achieved everything I was hoping for. Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Elvis, JFK and a mummy. Perfect.
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