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SF Convention

So I tootled up yesterday to go to SemiCon West 2004. Though I call it an SF convention, that's only because it was in San Francisco. Semiconductor equipment and their attendant acronyms were the flavor of the day.
It was pretty same-old same-old, this being the 3rd year I've gone there. Nikon had a money booth thing. You know where you stand in the booth and dollar bills are fanned around you and you grab as much as you can.
But the coolest display was the one with a pinball machine at Danaher Motion. #1, it was a Lord of the Rings pinball machine. #2, they had modified it so that when you launched the ball, it went through this Rube Goldberg device of Danaher Motion robotics that played with the ball for a while before dropping back into the field of play.

So I schmoozed and gawked and scribbled and walked.
I knew I didn't have a lot of time, so I just about raced over the whole convention floor. That left me with a little extra time in the early afternoon. So rather than by a $9 cardboard sandwich at the convention hall, I went to Anabelle's and got a $10 sandwich that was far, far superior.

If you see that photo on the site, I was sitting at the end of that long corridor. There was a small table there that isn't in that photo. So I faced down that whole long corridor, with tables lining the sides. It was like being the chairman of the board or something.

Anyway, from there to SFO to LAX, where Rebecca picked me up, and I treated her to dinner at Encounter. The food was excellent, but something about the place is fading away. They don't have the cool cocktail menu anymore, and they no longer have the futuristic plastic olive spike for the martinis... just a tacky plastic sword. I could feel the coolness leaving the building. But the food was better than the last time I was there, which makes up for a lot.
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