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whirlwind weekend

Saturday morning, we did our first interview for The Students Edge. So it was my partners (Glenn and Jay), Jay's wife Claire, and Rebecca was also a good sport and came along to help with the interviewing.
There were about 26 confirmed to come to the interview, of whom 16 showed, including morganlf, who provided some nifty info from a competitor and also (understandably) knocked the sonnet question out of the park.
We had received positive RSVP's from a half dozen guys, but only 1 showed, so it was virtually all women.
It all went relatively smoothly, though I was horrified by how few of my interviewees could handle the very superficial content questions I stuck on the interview guide.
We were to ask the candidate whether they were more at home with math or english. Depending on the response (including the occasional 'both') the candidate got one of two questions. For my interviews, I set it up as sort of a role-playing situation (I'm such the geek):

You're with a student who says his teacher tried to teach him something new, but he doesn't get it. Pretend I'm the student, and I want to learn....

A) what a sonnet is.
B) what a prime number is, and whether 91 is a prime number.

What do you say?

I had all math-y people, but I was not wowed by the answers I got about prime numbers. I heard from the other interviewers that the sonnet question left a few people slack-jawed and speechless, too.

And then there was crazy girl. Her resume had already made me wary and skeptical. Meeting her in person confirmed that she was playing with fewer cards than the accepted norm. Her hand gestures were exaggerated and weird, she was not a good listener, she would talk over me, she had exaggerated self-worth and grandiose expectations (she intends to pursue a simultaneous law degree and Ph.D. in physics at Harvard/MIT). Mike's lay diagnosis: bipolar disorder or drug addiction.

OK enough of that.
Saturday evening was Richard's Long Black Veil live game, set a hundred years after Black Hills of Kentucky. Naturally, I got myself killed again. I was a perfesser of folklore come from the big city to learn the tales of the hills, and I had a good time getting stories out of various players and trying to get to the bottom of what happened in the Big Fire of 1878. But all my notes went for nothing when Ezra Banfield took a shot with his rifle at Jeb Smith and fetched me up instead. I almost saw a Big Ole Black Panther Cat, saw cannonballs fall out of the sky, kicked Lil Death, ran from Big Death, got bit by a Jenny Haniver, attacked by a knife-wielding psycho in the woods, got run off an old one-legged man's lands and drank a fair amount of 'shine, and took one toke of Char Lindy's weed.

Sunday, for more bonus Richard, there was a sit-down session of Pulp! Dr. Armitage got in plenty of trouble, and created plenty more. His visit to a castle in Ruritania uncovered a Nazi plot involving Nyarlathotep and Etrigan.
Armitage, staring death in the face, deliberately unleashed the true name of Azathoth at the head Ruritanian honcho and caused a rather nasty four-dimensional booboo in space-time. The castle was destroyed, Nyarlathotep vanished (but he's not gone... that's for sure) and Etrigan was freed from his imprisonment, to potentially join the forces of democracy.
As the castle fell apart, Armitage was saved (more or less) by Elliot Ness, who helped spirit him away to Sweden, where the Nazis unsuccessfully attempt to kidnap them both.
Later, he, Ness, Indy, the Shadow and Rose Sayer try to uncover who the double agent is in their own organization. They know the mole's info is going through Pruneface to the Nazis, but they don't know the details. Eventually, Pruneface is raided and a tunnel to Pellucidar is uncovered, through which land the Nazis have been secretly transmitting personnel and information to and from America.
This sets the stage for the final episode of Pulp! in which the turncoat will be revealed...
Tune in next time.
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